Marshall County Airport C75
Elevation:568 ft.
Fuel available: 100LL
WX AWOS-3: 119.425
1315 Illinois 17
Lacon, IL 61540

Welcome to the Marshall County Airport (C75) website.

We encourage you to visit C75 in Lacon, IL. Our airport is one of the most beautiful in Illinois.  We have the scenic Illinois River to explore and local restaurants to sample. Courtesy cars are available to help you complete your adventure.
June 17

51st ANNUAL FATHER'S DAY BREAKFAST Come join us for The 50th Annual Marshall County Airport Fly-in Breakfast which will be held on June 17, 2018 from 0700-1130. We will have pancakes, eggs, sausage, and drinks. Adults are $6.00 and children are $4.00 Aircraft and helicopter rides will be available. On June 23rd from 0900-1200 we will be having a Safety Seminar sponsored by the FAA and IDOT Division of Aeronautics. The agenda will include tower operations, preflight briefings, and obstacles to safety.
June 23

Safety Seminar from 0900-1200